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I’m Lovin’ Dublin

Mozzarella and Pesto Scrambled Eggs
Mozzarella and Pesto Scrambled Eggs

For those of you who follow me on social media (@therebelkitchen), you’ll probably have noticed that I have started guest blogging on the infamous blog Lovin’ Dublin. It’s the ultimate website for straight-talking, no-nonsense tips on the places to go (or not to go as the case may be) for the best food in Dublin. As well as review there are also loads of great recipes and interviews going up the whole time.

Cheesy Herby Soda Bread
Cheesy Herby Soda Bread

The great thing about the recipes on this site is that they are all super easy, really delicious and none of them contain more than 7 ingredients which is great for those of us caught for time during the week.

Check out the recipes I have contributed and let me know what you think:

Smokey Bacon Mac n Cheese
Smokey Bacon Mac n Cheese

The Rebel Kitchen in the Irish Independent


I was so thrilled to see my blog mentioned in The Weekend Magazine of The Irish Independent!

I’m currently travelling around Thailand / Australia so I didn’t see it until now! Thanks to Aoife McElwain for mentioning it!

When I land in Australia tomorrow I will put up a blog recipe for Panang Curry! I did a cookery course in Koh Chang, Thailand and so have a few traditional Thai recipes up my sleeve! And they’re yum!

Welcome to my food blog!

This is my very first blog post! I plan on uploading easy recipes in each post, usually influenced from great places I’ve eaten in Ireland and abroad, in homes and in restaurants. I will take these dishes I have tasted and try to recreate them in an easier way!I have decided to start off this blog with unapologetic photos of food porn from the English Market in Cork, one of my favourite places where I have enjoyed going almost every week since I was small! I find that whether you are passionate about food or not, you can’t help but wander around here for an hour buying things you didn’t plan to and end up at home happily tucking in to your purchases!My favourite stalls for indulgences are The Real Olive company, The Sandwich Stall, The Chocolate Shop (obviously) and O’Flynn Sausages. But you can get great ingredients for any recipes at SuperFruits, Kay O’Connells Fish Shop, Tom Durcan Meats and many more! This place is a must visit for anyone interested in food!

Heavens Cakes at The English Market, Cork

The Real Olive Company at The English Market, Cork
The Real Olive Company at The English Market, Cork

The Sandwich Stall at The English Market, Cork

Kay O'Connell's Seafood Stall at The English Market, Cork

The Alternative Bread Company at The English Market

Tom Durcan Meats at The English Market Cork

O'Flynn's Gourmet Sausages at The English Market

The Chocolate Shop at The English Market, Cork