About Me

My name is Emma, and I am obsessed with food! I put together this blog to share my favourite recipes, artisan food products, and show you how to re-create amazing dishes from my travels. I don’t have any fancy kitchen equipment or formal training, alas all recipes are created in my slap dash kitchen as a result of trial and error. However, I think this gives a pretty honest account of how I cook and eat very simple and delicious food!

There are a lot of recipes on this site so if you need a hand here are my favourites:

Breakfast: Banana Baked Oatmeal , Chorizo Baked Eggs , Homemade Fruit and Nut Granola

Lunch: Butternut Squash & Coconut Milk Soup, Creamy Lemon & Caper Mixed Fish Salad , Sheep Cheese Raspberry & Basil Toasted Sandwich

Dinner: Three Cheese Spinach & Bacon Lasagne , Butternut Squash & Chorizo Risotto , Panang Chicken Curry

Sweet Treats: Chocolate Orange Nutty Brownies , Pistachio Shortbread , Pumpkin Muffins with Maple Glaze Icing

Bread: Sourdough Bread , Brown Soda Bread, Blackberry & Basil Bagels

9 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Lovely blog, very professional and tempting photographs you have. I especially like the way you take the reader step by step into a recipe. I know wielding the camera can be tough while cooking but you seem to manage very well.

  2. I discovered your blog a few days ago when a friend left a link to it on my Facebook page. He thought I plagiarized my curried acorn squash soup from your butternut recipe. Initially I was rather annoyed. I came up with that recipe myself one day while doing a menu change for restaurant I used to cook for while in school!

    But as I continued to browse I quickly changed my opinion and considered it flattery. There’s a few of your recipes I disagree with, and a few others (I’m looking at you, spinach and bacon lasagne) that look considerably better than how I would have made it! On the whole, your talent with both food and photography are very apparent, and I love your commitment to buying local.

    I’ve added you to my email notifications and loom forward to future reading!

    1. Thanks so much for your message and your kind words. Not to worry about the soup, I’m just it’s a case of great minds thinking alike 😉 I hope you enjoy the rest of the recipes that are coming each week.

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